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Night's Castle
    Jacob Carnegie returned to his humble home after a full day's work. He dressed into comfortable clothes, ate a simple meal, and read a book he only partially felt any interest in. He couldn't afford much. Not enough to travel, not enough to partake in old childhood dreams. His needs and responsibilities fit squarely into the city which was essentially his whole world. Although he could imagine other worlds, he could never truly experience them as he once had in his childhood fancy. This disappointed him to some extent, but because his life was simple he didn't ever complain about it. After finishing his novel, he went to bed knowing he had another full day's work ahead of him. Perhaps his waking life was dull, he thought, but he could always rely on his dream life to excite his imagination. Jacob then closed his eyes and was Jacob no more.
    Aru the thief awoke from his troubled sleep to the familiar setting of his pitched tent home. Once again he ha
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 6 11
A Taste of Pale Flesh
    A body? From the ocean you say? Not human or animal? Cast it away, boy, cast it away! Get the other boys and paddle it out to sea and let it be swept far away from here! If it is not human or animal, then it is a god or a devil, and its flesh must never come near our village! I don't care how hungry you all are. Better to starve and fight to the end of your life than to devour the flesh of something which does not belong in this world!
    I've seen this happen before, young ones. I've seen it many ages ago in my old village, when my skin wasn't wrinkled, when I was only a young girl. My village was near the sea too, just like this one. Long ago my ancestors cleared away all of the island's vegetation to create the idols we prayed to; the stone-faced gods of the hills. As a result we had to gather all our food from the sea, but that was fine. There were plenty of fish and plants in the water.
    One day, after a fierce storm, a lar
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 17 21
Hail to the illustrious fog which clouds all minds
Praise be to the murk of human thought
For in its black wings are embedded all things defined
All things maligned
And further things which humans have sought
For without its veil to obscure man's eyes
And its shadow to darken the expanse of man's sight
All would know their world is but a self-made guise
Where no man is wise
And where the cosmos cares not for their ethics and plight
Truth speaks silkily unto thee
Rich are the vows of Reality
They are the kin of that eminent king
To which humans submit freely
And in darkness forever bow to and cling
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 7 10


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